vlx dot red legal agreement

a. Foreword
This preliminary legal agreement (effective July 13 2020) stems from us wanting to remain impartial and exempt us from any and all responsibility or liability originating from or caused by the actions of you the end-user.

1. Definitions
The following parties are identified in this agreement: all sites and software hosted under the 'vlx.red' internet domain name (hereafter refered to as "the service"), its owners and provider (hereafter refered to as "we", "us" and "our"), end-user of the service (hereafter refered to as "you" and "your").

2. Extent of this agreement
a) This agreement is valid for as long as the owners of the service are willing to provide the service. Provision of the service may end at any time, at our discretion, and for any reason we deem necessary.
b) The "no log" policy, as referred to on the landing page, pertains to our lack of keeping a database of personally identifiable information of you, the user, other than the information your browser provides as well as your public IP (internet protocol) address. This means we will NOT have any means of contacting you regarding your content, should we receive a takedown request.

3. Liability
You are entirely responsible for your usage of the service. We disallow the use of the service for malicious, illegal, or other immoral purposes. Henceforth, we will comply with requests from entities of authority to remove your content, and in addition will also review any such requests from third parties and we reserve the right to act thereupon as we see fit, considering the aforementioned categories.

4. Abuse
As described in the third clause of this agreement, we will consider takedown requests for content that is not complicit with our guidelines of appropriate usage of the service. Requests may be directed to us by electronic mail (email) at the following address: abuse [at] vlx [dot] red. If we deem your request to be of valid nature, we will act upon it in a reasonable and timely manner. Please allow up to 96 (ninety-six) business hours after submitting a request.